We’re building a creative collective of GenZ digital natives. You in?

There’s a lot of great brands out there that need help learning what’s cool, what sucks, and what they could be doing better. Could you do that? We’re building a select team of 30 GenZ experts that want to be heard, and influence what’s up. You’ll also build your network, work on your skillset, talk directly with global brands, and yeah, you can make some money too. Not bad eh?


Want to apply? Here are the requirements:

Must be Gen Z. Duh. We’re looking for people between 18 and 25 years

Be expressive, speak up about your beliefs, and think out of the box

Fluent in English, both written and spoken

When it comes to trends and pop culture you know what’s up

Active on social media

Yes. You’ll get paid, and grow your network

Think of yourself as an external consultant that acts as the eyes and ears of GenZ culture. Helping evaluate trends, sharing experiences, giving your perspective, and speaking up about what you love and what drives you crazy. We’ve come with multiple ways to help brands learn from your experiences and fresh perspectives. Here are a few.


Focus groups

Be part of a panel discussion on specific Gen Z-related topics via video or IRL. You get to share your opinions and insights.



Apply your creative skills to create a visual diary that captures specific trends or elements of your lifestyle. Think of it as a snapshot of what you find inspiring at any given moment.



Take it online and participate in moderated group chats on Google Spaces or Slack. Great for spontaneous, fast insights gathering or testing.

We’re offering you a direct line of communication with brands, so make it count.  The Robins will constantly be refreshing, and bringing in new diverse voices from all over the world, so if you’re in, then be all in.

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